UFA Film Nights

Silent Film Classics with Live Musical Accompaniment

And – as extended Version – THE PHYSICIAN

Open Air in the Heart of Berlin

WDR Funkhausorchester

August 22

Great art and great entertainment – the WDR Funkhausorchester Köln combines them at the highest level. Its 50 musicians form the only symphony orchestra in Europe that specializes in the entire spectrum of music entertainment - from classical favorites. world music, and hit movie scores to dubstep. Their repertoire includes opera, operetta, musical and film music as well as symphonic jazz and exciting crossover projects.

The WDR Funkhausorchester found a new chief conductor during the 2014/2015 season: the Briton Wayne Marshall. The orchestra is like none other – not just because of its wide range of programs and activities, but also because, thanks to fixed broadcasting series, especially on WDR 4, it is heard every week by more people than any other orchestra.

At the UFA Film Nights, the WDR Funkhausorchester provides the musical accompaniment to “The Love of Jeanne Ney” – a reconstructed orchestral score arranged by Bernd Thewes – with Frank Strobel conducting.

The ZDF / ARTE film department commissioned the reconstruction of the music. Since 1995, ARTE has hosted its Stummfilm-Rendezvous series showcasing classics and rarities of international cinematic history. All films are shown in their latest restorations, which provides significant support to film archives in their activities. Another focus is the reconstruction of original film scores from the silent film period. The ZDF/ARTE film department has had more than 15 original music scores restored and performed to date; these reconstructions – including “Der Rosenkavalier” (Richard Strauss, 1926), “October” (Edmund Meisel, 1928) and “Der Student von Prag” (Josef Weiß, 1913) are an important contribution to the preservation of the film music culture of the early 20th century.

UFA Filmnächte 2018

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