UFA Film Nights

Silent Film Classics with Live Musical Accompaniment

Open Air in the Heart of Berlin

Trioglyzerin & JazzCombo

August 24th

This is a special premiere for Trioglyzerin: After performing their brilliantly-received score for “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” at the UFA Film Nights 2015, this year on opening night the trio performs alongside the Deutsche Oper Berlin JazzCombo for the first time. The three musicians of Trioglyzerin and the members of the Opera’s Big Band who make up the combo accompany Ernst Lubitsch's comedy “The Wild Cat” (1921).

Trioglyzerin was founded in 1992 by Ulrich van der Schoor (piano), Kristoff Becker (cello) and Tobias Becker (oboe). Since then, the ensemble has accompanied numerous silent movies live at events in Germany and abroad (including with the Goethe-Institut). Trioglyzerin’s hallmark is the combination of traditional and electronic sounds. The group first played at the UFA Film Nights in 2012, accompanying “Spies,” followed by “Mysteries of the Orient” (2013) and “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” (2015).

The cultivation of classical and modern sounds characterizes the Deutsche Oper Berlin JazzCombo. A decade ago, some members of the famous company’s orchestra went musically “astray” and have since become a permanent fixture of the Berlin jazz scene. Under its leader Sebastian “Sese” Krol, the combo primarily covers genre classics by Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Cole Porter, but is also open-minded about innovative projects, as they demonstrate at this year's UFA Film Nights.