UFA Film Nights

Silent Film Classics with Live Musical Accompaniment

Open Air in the Heart of Berlin

Raphaël Marionneau

August 26th

Raphaël Marionneau works as a DJ on the boundary between classical, chill-out and film music. For these and other genres the Frenchman, who lives in Hamburg, mixes sampled sounds to a specific musical concept known as abstrait, which has fans across Europe and its own show on Klassik Radio.

A decade ago, Marionneau expanded his activities to include the accompaniment of silent movies, and has since been played at relevant events in Brussels, Paris, Madrid and New York. His repertoire includes “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” “Nosferatu,” “Metropolis” and “Berlin – Symphony of a Great City.” In 2013, Marionneau played at the UFA Film Nights for the first time, accompanying “People on Sunday.” His new score for “Destiny,” compiled from elements of classical music and ethno-pop, celebrates its premiere at this year's UFA Film Nights in Berlin.