UFA Film Nights

Silent Film Classics with Live Musical Accompaniment

Open Air in the Heart of Berlin

Uncanny Stories

August 25th
Start: 21.00 Uhr, Doors open: 20:30


Director: Richard Oswald
Script: Richard Oswald and Robert Liebmann, according to stories of „Die Erscheinung“ von Anselma Heine, „Die Hand“ von Robert Liebmann, „Die schwarze Katze“ von Edgar Allan Poe, „Der Selbstmörderklub“ von Robert Louis Stevenson and „Der Spuk“ von Richard Oswald
Camera: Carl Hoffmann
Production: Richard Oswald for Richard Oswald-Film AG
Actors: Conrad Veidt, Anita Berber, Reinhold Schünzel 
Length: 99 min.

At midnight in an antiquarian bookshop, three fantastical paintings come to life. Death, the Devil, and a harlot step out of paintings hung on the walls, and each read five horror stories.  

1. “The Apparition”: A woman vanishes without trace in a hotel. The hotel management had tried to cover up the fact that she died of the plague.

2. “The Hand”: The hand of a murdered man pursues his murderer from beyond the grave.

3. “The Black Cat”: A man kills his wife and walls up her body in the cellar. His cat, which he accidentally walled in with her, gives him away.

4. “The Suicide Club”: A police detective falls in with a secret society in which the person who draws the Death card must die.

5. “The Haunting”: A man stages a supernatural apparition to scare off his rival.

In the end, the three narrators step back into the picture frames on the walls of the antiquarian bookshop and turn back into paintings...

Music: Northern Lights with frontman and actor Jonas Nay