UFA Film Nights

Silent Film Classics with Live Musical Accompaniment

Open Air in the Heart of Berlin

The Wild Cat

August 24th
Start: 21.00 Uhr, Doors open: 20:30



Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Script: Hanns Kräly and Ernst Lubitsch
Camera: Theodor Sparkuhl
Production: Paul Davidson for Union-Film (UFA)
Actors: Pola Negri, Victor Janson, Paul Heidemann, Marga Köhler, Wilhelm Diegelmann, Edith Meller, Hermann Thimig
Length: 82 min.

Lieutenant Alexis, a widely beloved womanizer, is banished to the sleepy mountain fortress of Tossenstein. On the way there, he falls into the hands of a gang of bandits led by the notorious Claudius. Claudius's daughter Rischka, called “The Wild Cat,” spontaneously falls in love with a picture of the attractive lieutenant.

A detachment of soldiers from the fort sent out on a punitive expedition against the bandits fails disastrously, but the commander is told it was a victory. The liberated Alexis is celebrated as a hero. Meanwhile, Rischka and her bandits sneak into the fortress, loot the cupboards and, disguised as soldiers, take part in the victory festivities.

As a reward for his successful mission against the robbers, the fortress commander wants to give Alexis the hand of his daughter Lilli in marriage. Alexis is not keen. Likewise, “Wild Cat” Rischka’s father wants to marry her off to one of his robbers. But the spirited Rischka resists – she wants Alexis at all costs.

Music: Trioglyzerin and the Deutsche Oper Berlin JazzCombo