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Open Air in the Heart of Berlin

The Love Of Jeanne Ney

August 22
Start: 21.00 Uhr, Doors open: 20:30


Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Script: Ilja Ehrenburg, Ladislaus Vajda
Camera: Fritz Arno Wagner, Walter Robert Lach
Production: UFA
Actors: Édith Jéhanne, Brigitte Helm, Hertha von Walther, Uno Henning, Fritz Rasp, Adolf Edgar Licho, Eugen Jensen, Hans Járay 
Length: 106 min

“The Love of Jeanne Ney,” based on the novel by Ilya Ehrenburg, tells the Odyssey of a young woman in the aftermath of the Russian October Revolution of 1917: When the Red Army occupies the Crimea, Jeanne’s father, a French journalist and White Guards sympathizer, is murdered. With the help of Andreas, a Bolshevik she has fallen in love with, Jeanne manages to escape to Paris, where she finds refuge with her uncle, and starts working in his detective office. Andreas manages to travel to Paris as a communist agent and meet Jeanne again. Their happiness proves short-lived...

A combination political thriller/melodrama, “The Love of Jeanne Ney” explores the shock waves sent through the European continent by Russia’s October Revolution, which erupted 100 years ago in 2017.

UFA Film Nights present the premiere of the digitally reconstructed version of “The Love of Jeanne Ney.” The ZDF / ARTE film department commissioned the reconstruction of the music. The opening night will be broadcast live on www.arte.tv/ufa.

Music: WDR Funkhausorchester conducted by Frank Strobel with a reconstructed orchestral score, arranged by Bernd Thewes (by ZDF / ARTE)

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