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Open Air in the Heart of Berlin


August 23
Start: 21.00, Doors open: 20:30


Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Production: Pagu (Ufa)
Screenplay: Hans Kräly & Ernst Lubitsch
Cinematography: Karl Freund
Producer: Erich Pommer
Cast: Pola Negri, Jenny Hasselqvist, Paul Wegener, Harry Liedtke, Ernst Lubitsch
Length: 103 min

The harem lady Sumurun (Jenny Hasselqvist) is so beautiful that the old sheik (Paul Wegener) has declared her his favorite wife. Sumurun, however, loves the young cloth merchant Nur-al-Din (Harry Liedtke) and fears the jealousy of the old ruler. To make matters worse, the sheikh learns that his son (Carl Clewing) is also in love with Sumurun, and threatens to kill them both. One day Abdullah, a hunchbacked juggler (Ernst Lubitsch) comes into the harem with a seductive dancer (Pola Negri). She helps both the son and the father get over their renegade playmate, but lusts for power and money. In vain, the clown Abdullah courts her favor. When the sheikh surprises the dancer making love with his son, he strangles her and strikes down the son in fury. When he goes on to discover the young cloth merchant with Sumurun in the women's quarters, he wants to kill Nur-al-Din as well, and a dramatic showdown ensues.

Ernst Lubitsch, a legendary director of Hollywood cinema classics, began his career as an actor at the Volksbühne in his native Berlin, where he directed short comedy films even before the outbreak of World War I. Lubitsch achieved his international breakthrough with the historical drama “Madame Dubarry” (1919). “Sumurun” was created in equally elaborate, this time exotic settings that were reproduced in the Ufa studios in Berlin-Tempelhof. The film whisks its viewers away into a world of Arabian Nights and shows Lubitsch as dramatist and in his final role as an actor, before he moved behind the camera for good, eventually becoming the inventor of sublime erotic comedies. 

Music: Trioglyzerin with a new composition

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