UFA Film Nights

Silent Film Classics with Live Musical Accompaniment

Open Air in the Heart of Berlin


August 26th
Start: 21.00 Uhr, Doors open: 20:30


Director: Fritz Lang
Script: Thea von Harbou, Fritz Lang
Camera: Erich Nitzschmann, Hermann Saalfrank, Fritz Arno Wagner
Production: Erich Pommer
Actors: Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen, Bernhard Goetzke and more
Length: 105 min.

A young woman asks Death to bring her dead lover back to life. He leads her into a room full of candles. Their flames are the life-lights of people, which go out when a life comes to an end.

Three candles have already burnt low. If she can save the life of one of three men who are about to die, she will get her lover back. In three visionary episodes set in different places and times, in the Orient, in Renaissance Italy and imperial China – she experiences the fate and failure of her love. Once again, Death gives her a chance to save the life of her lover if she can save the life of another. But once again she does not succeed. Only when she sacrifices herself by saving a child from the flames are the lovers united in death.


Music: DJ Raphaël Marionneau