UFA Film Nights

Silent Film Classics with Live Musical Accompaniment

Open Air in the Heart of Berlin


August 24
Start: 21.00, Doors open: 20:30


Director: Nikolai Malikoff
Production: Alliance Cinématografique (for Ufa)
Screenplay: Thea von Harbou, Fritz Lang
Cinematography: Karl Freund, Günther Rittau
Cast: Jaque Catelain, Lia Eibenschütz, Olga Limburg
Length: 108 min

The American “Non-Profit Society for the Reconstruction of Europe” sends some of its leading members to Paris to teach decency and morals to petty criminals and other members of the demimonde (known as the “Apaches of Paris”). Among the members of this moral mission are Miss Gertrud (Olga Limburg), the sister of the association’s president, his beautiful daughter Winnie (Lia Eibenschütz), and the secretary of the society, John Rumple (Nikolai Malikoff). The group's most dangerous enemy is alcohol, which, unlike at home, flows abundantly here. The self-appointed moralists quickly succumb to the charms of alcohol, which is outlawed in the U.S. due to Prohibition, and to the other vices of Paris nightlife: Secretary Rumple can’t get enough of a certain special “fizzy water,” and at the Moulin Rouge, Winnie meets the dashingly handsome Henri (Jaque Catelain), petty criminal who comes from “a good family” and has an eye on her jewelry. However, in the course of his efforts to purloin them, he falls in love with his victim. This causes him to quarrel with his jealous girlfriend and fall out with his gang, especially with his former buddy Bécot, who in turn has his eye on Winnie’s jewels. 

A German-French co-production between Ufa and ACE shot at original locations in Paris, Nikolai Malikoff's lively comedy shows the picturesque milieu of the dives and dance bars around Montmartre. A comedy about culture clash, double standards, hypocrisy and their unmasking.

Music: Maud Nelissen (NL) and the ensemble “The Sprockets

UFA Filmnächte 2018

Details werden Ende Juni veröffentlicht.