Three UFA-Classics of the silent movie era

with live music accompaniment.

Open Air in the heart of Berlin.


August 21
Doors open: 8:30 p.m., Screening starts: 9:00 p.m.


Frido ter Beek and Maud Nelissen’s new composition for A CRAZY NIGHT (German: Eine tolle Nacht) conjures up the music scene of 1920s Berlin and pays homage to the German/Austrian film and pop composer Fred Raymond (1900-1954). Raymond, a very popular songwriter in his day, wrote perennial favorites including “In einer kleinen Konditorei” and “Mein Bruder macht im Tonfilm die Geräusche,” and together with Austin Egen (1987-1941) composed the piece EINE TOLLE NACHT.
Frido ter Beek and Maud Nelissen are passionate musicians with many years of stage and concert experience. This has been formative in the development of their music, which effortlessly segues between 1920s light music and contemporary swing and jazz.

Frido ter Beek is a Dutch saxophonist and composer who lives in Buenos Aires. He studied classical saxophone and jazz. In Buenos Aires he formed his own jazz quartet, plays in various groups, and teaches. He visits Europe regularly and among others works with his regular ensembles, the Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet and The Sprockets film orchestra. Composition is becoming increasingly important for his artistic work. Frido ter Beek has written several pieces for Koh-I-Noor and other ensembles – but also composes movie scores, such as for Murnau’s last film TABU, or for The Sprockets.

Dutch musician Maud Nelissen was one of the first women to break into the male-dominated ranks of silent-film pianists. Today she is one of the internationally acclaimed greats of silent-film music and performs at all major film festivals in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. She trained as a classical concert pianist at the Utrecht Superior School of Music, graduating with honors. Another important experience for her was the collaboration with Charlie Chaplin’s last arranger Eric James in Italy. In addition to solo performances, Nelissen composes and arranges silent film music for orchestras and various ensembles. Her best known works include the score for THE PATSY (U.S. 1925, King Vidor) and THE MERRY WIDOW (U.S. 1925, Erich von Stroheim).
She is the founder of The Sprockets film orchestra, which delighted audiences with their musical accompaniment for The Apaches of Paris at the UFA Film Nights 2018, with Maud Nelissen on the grand piano.

Daphne Balvers – Soprano and Alto Saxophone
Frido ter Beek – Tenor Saxophone
Peter Keijsers – Sousaphone / Trombone
Marco Ludemann – Banjo/Mandoline/Guitar
Maud Nelissen – Piano
Jasper Somsen – Double Bass
Rombout Stoffers - Percussion/Effects/Accordion/ Voice

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