Three UFA-Classics of the silent movie era

with live music accompaniment.

Open Air in the heart of Berlin.


August 21
Doors open: 8:30 p.m., Screening starts: 9:00 p.m.



Director: Richard Oswald
Production: Richard Oswald-Produktion
Screenplay: Richard Oswald
Cinematography: Otto Kanturek, Edgar Ziesemer
Cast: Ossi Oswalda, Harry Liedtke, Henry Bender, Paul Graetz, Kurt Gerron
Length: 83 min

Based on a popular revue from the imperial era, Richard Oswald’s movie tells the story of a provincial insecticide powder manufacturer who follows a vaudeville star he idolizes to Berlin, where he is sucked into a maelstrom of voluntary and involuntary adventures. He meets vaudeville girls, policemen, Indian rajahs, and wrestlers in settings ranging from glitzy restaurants and dance cafés to dives and police stations. Oswald’s comedy is a flamboyant, near-anarchic foray through the Berlin of the “wild” 1920s and its notorious nightlife. Filmed at original locations, Oswald’s movie is also a striking portrait of the city as it was then, with a population of four million – a hectic place full of construction sites and social contrasts.
Long considered lost, A CRAZY NIGHT was rediscovered at the Gosfilmofond Russian state film archive and digitally restored in 2019.

Music: Frido ter Beek and Maud Nelissen’s new 1920s-style composition was commissioned by ZDF/ARTE for the UFA Film Nights 2019 and will be performed by The Sprockets film orchestra, which already wowed audiences with their musical accompaniment for THE APACHES OF PARIS at the UFA Film Nights 2018.


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